Daily Specials ~ Downtown Winona

Specials are not applicable with other coupons or discounts.


February 1st, 2016
SOUPS: Mushroom Brie Bisque, Lobster Bisque, Chicken Chili
SPECIAL: Ham, hummus, salami, and tomato on cranberry bread


February 2
Soups: tomato roasted garlic, stuffed green pepper and beef, creamy asparagus
Special:Prime chicken salad on cranberry bread


Wednesday February 3

Special: Chicken, Bacon, Ranch Melt
Soups:loaded baked potato,creamy chicken wild rice, roasted garlic tomato


Thursday February 4
Special:red pepper hummus with thin sliced prime rib on flatbread and mozzarella cheese toasted
SOUPS: tomato roasted garlic, roasted red pepper with gouda, loaded baked potato


February 5, 2016
SOUPS: Chicken Wild Rice, Beef Barely with Mushrooms, Roasted Garlic Tomato
SPECIAL: Tuna Melt on 9 Grain Bread


January 30, 2016
SOUPS; Mushroom Brie , Chicken Chili, and Lobster Bisque
SPECIAL;Tuna Melt on 9-grain Bread


January 17th, 2016
SPECIAL: Chicken Salad on Cranberry Wild Rice Bread
SOUPS: Chicken Dumpling, SouthWest Corn Chowder