Gourmet Cupcakes

Blooming Grounds offers a variety of homemade bars, cheesecakes and cupcakes in a variety of flavors to appeal to your sweet tooth. Catering options also available for the desserts!  Cupcakes baked by the dozen for catering orders.

Gluten Free Cupcakes also available!!


Cupcake Flavors

White Chocolate Raspberry
white cake – raspberry filling – white chocolate butter cream

Raspberry Almond
white cake – raspberry filling –  almond butter cream

Triple Chocolate
devil’s chocolate cake – filled and frosted chocolate butter cream – chocolate ganache poured over the top

Chocolate Almond
devil’s chocolate cake – filled with ganache – almond butter cream

Watkin’s Vanilla White
Watkin’s vanilla white cake – Watkin’s vanilla butter cream

Lemon Raspberry
lemon cake – filled with raspberry – lemon butter cream

Red Velvet
light chocolate cocoa cake – cream cheese butter cream

German Chocolate Cake
traditional light chocolate cake – coconut pecan frosting

Carrot Cake
cinnamon, pineapple, carrots – cream cheese butter cream

Peppermint Bon Bon
one layer white cake, one layer chocolate – filled with ganache –  peppermint butter cream with ganache

Dulce De Leche
white cream cake – dulce de leche butter cream

Chocolate Coconut
devils chocolate cake – coconut butter cream – rich chocolate ganache

Smore’s Please
devils chocolate cake – marshmallow butter cream – graham cracker crumbs

Best Friends
devils chocolate cake – peanut butter butter cream – chocolate ganache drizzle

Cookies and Milk
white cake – cookie crumb butter cream – chocolate ganache drizzle

Mexican Hot Chocolate
chocolate cinnamon cake – marshmallow butter cream

Junk Food
double chocolate cake – maple butter cream – bacon.

Chocolate Mocha
chocolate cake – espresso butter cream

You Put The Lime In the Coconut
coconut cake – lime butter cream – toasted coconut